Built to work for decades

MCT Mini

One Churchill long, petit corona wide, two robusto high.

The most powerful battery driven humidifier that fits every humidor!

MCT Mini is the most versatile humidifier to store up to 400 cigars.

The mission was to build a machine that works perfectly with drawer humidors, which is the most complicated issue in the world of storing cigars. MCT Mini can blow up, down, forward, and of course, combined. If you have any kind of humidification problem in your humidor, MCT Mini solves it!

Retail price:

175 GBP
222 EUR

Special MCT Features

The smartest electronics control

Compact for any size

As MCT Mini is designed to powerfully circulate air in larger cigar boxes and drawer humidors, the humidity can be measured anywhere with 100% accuracy. As a result, the sensor can be built into the device. In order to make MCT mini entirely mobile and to fit even into the smallest drawers, it is powered by a large battery.

Premium quality components for most accurate measurement

Reliable and accurate measurement is a key factor of humidification. We rely only on the best, precision capacitive Swiss sensor from a world leading sensor manufacturer. The large, easily readable LCD comes from Germany, the computing unit from the USA.

Two stage menu system for the safety of your cigars

To avoid accidental or unwanted changes in the settings, a two stage menu system is applied. In the first stage you can set the humidity, while in the second, hidden stage, you can fine tune every function related to operation and calibration.

Menu functions
  1. set humidity – default 70% – by 0.1 %RH steps
  2. calibrate humidity – default 0.0% – by 0.1%RH steps
  3. humidity drop – fan on gap – default 0.5% – by 0.1%RH steps
  4. calibrate temperature – default 0.0% – by 0.1 degrees
  5. sensing averaging default 3 – by 1 measurements
  6. fan on 20 – by seconds
  7. fan off 10 – by seconds
  8. fan speed 80% – by 1% -continuously
  9. door open 0 – by 1 second

Enhanced humidification performance

Innovative gel pack technology

Instead of pouring water into the machine MCT humidifiers contain acrylic-polymer gel packs to ensure humidification. The patent pending technology was invented by MCT, to dramatically increase efficiency and lifespan. The material is 100% inorganic, therefore mould and bacteria free acrylic-polymer. Our patent pending solution is to put the acrylic crystals into our special net, that once thrown into water swells up to form the cylinders of a pack. The MCT gel pack can be used for years, without replacing it!

Powerful air ventilation

To ensure efficient operation, air ventilation system is indispensable in all MCT humidifiers. The other important function of cylindrical shaped gel packs is that the air can stream through fast, there is no barrier to slow it down. Thanks to the huge humidifier surface even the rapidly flowing air picks up a great value of moisture.

Noiseless operation

Premium quality silent fans and minimalized air noise make you MCT whisper quiet.

Uniform air humidity

Guidable humid air ventilation

Each MCT has air outlet holes both on its top and the bottom which you can block with the supplied accessory plugs, depending on which direction you want the humidified air to be blown. Out of the 12 wholes that MCT Mini has, 4 – 6 should be used.

Standalone operation

MCT was created to work properly without any additional fans, water tanks, etc. The unique MCT feature is that if you place it vertically in the middle and push it to the back wall of a cabinet, you can have the air blown up and down ensuring a real uniform humidity! No second water tank, no additional fan, wires are needed.

Air duct, double back walls

If you own a humidor that has an air duct or double walls, MCT is the appropriate humidifier for you.
All MCT models are designed to work excellently with any kind of air guiding implementation.

Custom settings, adjusted to your humidor

Periodic ventilation

If you experience that the humidity level is always above the set value, periodic ventilation may be the solution for your problem.

Fan speed control

It is possible to regulate the intensity of the humidification by continuously adjusting the fan speed. MCT models are powerful, if you place them into small humidors, often slower speed can yield the desired outcome.

Door open function eliminating undesired over humidification

When a humidor lid or door is open, the inside humidity automatically decreases, so the sensor turns on the machine. In many cases, for example when the humidor is packed full of cigars, excessive moisture is generated inside, keeping the humidity constantly higher than the set value. The Door open function does not start the machine while the door is open eliminating the undesired over humidification.

Exquisite materials and design

Spanish cedar control panel

Every MCT control panel is a masterpiece, made of one piece solid Spanish cedar wooden block, CNC forged and laser cut, hand polished. It was designed to match in style even the most exclusive humidors. The buttons are custom made from one piece of aluminium. The control panel can be mounted magnetically by the supplied accessory.

Aluminium-Magnesium construction

The body of each MCT humidifier is made of a 100% water resistant light metal, Aluminium-Magnesium alloy, to last for a lifetime. They are painted to maduro brown, cream gold and cedar beige to match the interior of a humidor.

Easy to service

Reliable machine that is easy to service

Our philosophy is to produce extremely reliable machines that work for decades. Using the best quality parts secures a rock-stable operation. Each MCT model is tested thoroughly before packaging. The body is made of metal. The control panel is detachable, in case of any defects it can be easily and cost-effectively repaired or replaced during the 3-year warranty, and beyond.

Below we show you two cases how MCT Mini can create uniform air humidity in drawer humidors:

Case 1

There is at least 10mm space behind the drawers

The only thing to do is to drill 4 holes into the back wall of one of the drawers. You plug the upper 6 holes, so the air streams straight to the gap, causing higher pressure which pushes the humid air back equally between the drawers.

This is the perfect way to humidify a drawer humidor.


Case 2.

There is no place behind the drawers

Even in this unfortunate case MCT Mini can do the job perfectly.

2 holes must be drilled with a little shift in each drawer

Technical Specifications

  • Made for: drawer humidor, cigar boxes up to 400 cigars
  • Acrylic gel pack capacity: 2dl of water – 1layer- 3 months
  • Operation: Battery or 110/230V
  • Battery type: 20Wh Li-ion, Samsung
  • Fan size/airflow: 60mm silent, 12 m3/h
  • Dimensions (length x width x height):   178x119x42 mm
  • Supplied accessories: charger, 8 airplugs
  • Warranty: 3 years

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