Built to work for decades

Our commitment

Our mission is to ensure that you experience cigar smoking to the maximum by humidifying each of  your cigars in the perfect way.


MCT Humidifiers is a branch of Maklary Ltd., a company that was established in 2014 with nine years of professional experience and product development.

Zoltan Maklary started the distribution of quality digital cigar humidifiers in 2005, acting as a business partner of two US companies.
In 2007 the portfolio of the company broadened with the product distribution of two European humidifier and one humidor manufacturer.
By 2009 we had sold thousands of premium cigar humidors and humidifiers.With four years of experience and, the feedback of hundreds of customers we could accurately  identify the technical weaknesses of the humidifiers.

After smoking many good cigars, the founder Zoltan Maklary decided to create the ultimate humidifier product range and the luxury humidor family he dreamt of.

Guiding principles

During the development process of the MCT humidifier family, we placed special emphasis on the realisation of the following principles:

  • Precise sensing in the control panel, not where the humidity is generated
  • Powerful and guidable air ventilation to eliminate the need of additional devices
  • Noiseless operation
  • Fine tuneable humidification adjustments
  • Exquisite materials and design

Maklary Humidors on Inter-Tabac 2014, Dortmund

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